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Welcome to Texas State Parks On The Air

From the TSPOTA Committee, we would like to extend our appreciation for your participation in the Third Annual Texas State Parks On The Air contest. You will be part of TSPOTA history and our hope is that it will be a long and rewarding one.

The TSPOTA contest was conceived with three main goals in mind: to promote public awareness of ham radio and Texas' beautiful state parks system; to contribute to the recognition that Texas has a very diverse and wonderful ecology; and to promote camaraderie within the ranks of Texas Amateur Radio operators. It is with your participation that we believe those goals will be achieved.

To those of you who place in the top spots in each category, congratulations on your efforts. You deserve your awards for your operating skills.

It is our hope that the TSPOTA Contest is just a starting point for Texas Amateurs and Amateurs visiting our great State to activate one or more Texas State Parks, Natrual Areas, and Historic Sites. To that end the TSPOTA Committee also sponsors the WATXSP Certificate for succsessfully working all ninety-nine Texas State Parks, Natural Areas and Historic sites listed on the Texas Parks and Wildlife web site.

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Following the 2013 contest, we received several inquiries about immediate posting of individual results. All participants are encouraged to submit their claimed scores and comments on the 3830 reflector immediately following the contest.

IMPORTANT: You must also submit your logs to the Texas State Parks On The Air as described in the rules in order for your score to count.

There are several reasons for the decision to not offer immediate claimed score posting here:

View the complete rules for earning the Worked All Texas State Parks award.

Along with the basic WATXSP Certificate, there are endorsements for any combination of bands or modes, (excluding 60 Meters). Specialty certificates can be issued for a variety of different bands and modes such as Satellite, 160-meters, SSTV, Digital, Phone and each VHF band. These Certificates will be dated, but not numbered. Endorsements cost $7.50 and include CW, Novice, QRP, EME and any single bands.